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About FreelanceJobsDB


What is FreelanceJobsDB?

FreelanceJobsDB is a marketplace platform for Freelance Jobs or Project Postings by Individual Employers or Companies and Project Biddings by Individual Freelancers or Solution Provider Companies worldwide. FreelanceJobsDB provides an orderly category structure that makes finding matching projects and experts in various fields very easy.


FAQs for Project Providers


How can I create a project on FreelanceJobsDB?

You can post as many projects as you want on FreelanceJobsDB and deactivate or edit them anytime but before accepting bids.


Do I need to pay any fee to post my projects on FreelanceJobsDB?

No. It is totally free to post. You can post as many projects as you want without limitation. Your project postings will be active one month starting from posting date.


Is there any project budget limitation on FreelanceJobsDB?

No. There is no any limitation in project budget.


How can I know if freelancers contacted me regarding my advertised projects?

You can find all inquiries and applications from interested professionals in your dashboard. As soon as a new proposal comes in, you will also receive an email notification informing you that you have a new message on your account.


What is the quickest way to find the freelancer I am searching for?

You can either navigate through the category structure or use the advanced search for filtering the results. At the freelancer search page, you can find based on following criteria:

  • Category
  • Location
  • Keyword
  • Hourly Rate
  • Skills Required
By selecting any of the above criteria, you will narrow down the list to that particular criteria. For example, if you select PHP in category, only freelance profiles that selected this category will be shown. The order is by default the profiles are sorted by creation date in a descending order.


How can I pay project budget to freelancer?

At the time of accepting the bid from freelancers, you must provide funds equivalent to the total project price (including payment processor fee). The payment is protected by the FreelanceJobsDB Escrow Payment System and only release the payment once you are 100% happy with the work that has been delivered.


If I am not satisfied with the service or work freelancer provided or the service or work does not meet agreed project requirements, what can I do?

You can open dispute for working project if you are not satisfied with the service or work freelancer provided. While in disputing process, both of employer or freelancer must provided the documents as proofs for the reason to terminate the project. Based on the Proof Documents, FreelanceJobsDB will decide who wins the dispute and the remaining funds will be returned back to the winner of the dispute. If the winner is employer in case of dispute, the proportional service fee of the remaining funds will also be refunded to that employer.



FAQs for Freelancers


What is the freelancer directory?

Freelancers and experts can offer their services and present themselves to our international community by creating a profile in our freelancer directory. Profiles should include relevant keywords so that project providers can find freelancers when looking for someone with their skill set.

Our category structure and our filters make it easy to find a perfect match. Please note that each profile can be listed in several categories.


What is the fastest way to find a project that I am interested in?

You can easily filter the search results using our advanced search or set up a project alert according to your skills and interests to receive new matching opportunities directly to your email.


What are Freelancer Bid Plans?

A Freelancer Bid Plan is your way to benefit from using FreelanceJobsDB. You can stay as a Free member or get additional benefits by purchasing any of our paid Freelancer Bid Plans:

  • Intro
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Premier

You can get a lot of benefits from any of the Freelancer Bid Plans. These benefits will help increase your earning opportunities!


I placed a bid for a project but I didn’t receive any reply from the hiring employer. Why?

FreelanceJobsDB has no impact on whether your proposal or bid is won or not. Please note that employer might receive a large number of applications and that project providers do not always get back to every candidate.


What are the Payment Methods for Freelancer Bid Plans, Purchasing Credits and Credit Withdrawal?

We accept the following payment methods for Purchasing Credits, Purchasing Bid Plans and Credit Withdrawal:



Hourly Projects


What is an Hourly Project?

An hourly project is a project in which you pay your freelancer by the number of hours they have worked on the project. The freelancer will invoice you for payment.
Hourly projects are suitable for all types of projects, especially those which require a freelancer to work specific hours, projects with ongoing engagements, and projects where the scope is not clearly defined.


How many hours can I hire a freelancer for?

There is no limit in hours for entire project an employer can hire. Employers can also extend additional hours before completing the project but need to add funds for such additional hours. When an employer accept the specific bid from a freelancer, it is assumed that he agree with the weekly limit (hours) set by freelancer.


Can I request my freelancer to make changes to their invoice?

Yes, you can either request changes to your project’s invoice(s) or update it yourself inside project workspace. Invoices are automatically generated based on schedule (weekly or monthly) which has been set by employer while posting the project.


How do I pay an Invoice for an Hourly Project?

You can pay an invoice from the Invoice section inside project workspace. When an invoice is generated and working hours is set by freelancer, you will be notified with invoice info and can negotiate working hours with your freelancer. Once you approve the invoice or your freelancer approve the invoice’s working hours updated by you, the partial amount (amount calculated based on invoice’s working hours) from escrow funds will be transferred to freelancer account.



FAQs for Marketers/Promoters


Is there any Affiliate Program for our marketers?

We also pay affiliate commission who wants to promote our site. For any person who bring employers will receive 2% of project budget as a commission fee whenever the referred employer complete each project and for those who bring freelancers will receive 1% of project budget as a project commission. If you bring both employer and freelancer, you will receive totally 3% . In addition you will also earn 2 Reward Points for every project your downline employer completed and 1 Reward Point for every project your downline freelancer completed. Those Reward Points can be converted to credits and withdrawn as you wish. Conversion rate will be varied from time to time depends on company profit.


How can I sign up as a marketer and how to promote your site?

Promoters can be signed up as either Employers or Freelancers and will receive their affiliate link displayed in their profile. You can advertise that link in any ad sites or sites accepting banner ads, google, social media such as FB, twitter or email marketing.

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